We founded THIS LAND because we believe in creating equal opportunity for financial success. We understand that balancing the responsibilities of life and financial commitments such as your home, health, transportation, education, work, friends, family, and more can take a lot of time, energy, and money. 

In addition to these commitments, we all know (because we have been told a million times) that we need to plan for our future, save money, and invest money. Much easier said than done. Saving and investing seems near impossible when you are already stretching each dollar as far as you can. Without the resources, knowledge, or access to saving and investing opportunities how can you be expected to grow your wealth and plan for the future you deserve?

This place in life is all too familiar to most of us which is why we are committed to educating each other and sharing the wealth. 


Purchase land for the full amount.

Investment Opportunity: The purchase price option was designed for people to buy property for short-term investments. We price the land so you can resell it within 90 days with returns that are way above the stock market and much safer.  


One of the best ways to invest in land is to use money from your self-directed IRA. 

An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a personal savings plan that allows you to set aside funds for your retirement. Investments made within these plans grow in either a tax-deferred or tax-free environment. The IRS allows your IRA to be invested with no taxes on your returns. This is a big deal.

IRA, HAS, and Coverdell accounts are all funds that are underused because it is very difficult to find a way to use them because of regulations or worthwhile profits. The answer? Invest in land.

How it works:  Take out $5,500 or less to buy land, subtract the fees for removing the funds, purchase a property and sell it at market value within 90 days. Doing this every 90 days (4 times a year) results in over 100% tax-free returns in your IRA for that year. In comparison, a high yielding IRA only produces 6% returns a year.

Through THIS LAND, we offer a 15% discount to land investors using funds from their self-directed IRA’s (or the above-listed accounts) to cover the costs of removing funds and hiring a Real Estate Agent to resell land. 

Finance Price

Finance land for $100 - $150 a month until you have completed payment for your parcel.   

Investment Opportunity: Financing land is the best option if money is tight but you still want to take care of your financial future. It’s a great way to get started with investing.

While the loan amount is being paid off the appreciation of the land goes up due to land value increasing over time. Since all of our loans are zero interest payments your money is growing in value as the land appreciates. 

Depending on your investment goals owning land can be an excellent collateral for future deals. Buying at discounted rates stretches your dollar when you are looking for capital or a loan.

Market Value

Market Value is the price at which a parcel of land has been evaluated to sell for today.

Investment Opportunity: Due to its limited availability, the market value of land will continue to steadily increase over time. The longer you hold onto your investment, the higher the returns.

  • If you chose to invest in land for the purchase price the Market Value is the amount you can sell it for today.

  • If you chose to invest in land through the finance price option the Market Value will increase over the time it takes for you to complete your loan payments.

How does THIS LAND determine Market Value?    
You will notice that under each land description we list the finance price, purchase price, and market value. We determine Land Market Value by working with Black Knight Financial Services (one of the top data collection companies in the country specializing in investments and real estate), referencing MLS listings within the last 100 days, pinpointing city development, economic growth and places receiving injections of capital directly into their communities which attracts developers and investors. All of this information is compiled to form a 360 report of the land value and the market. We pick land in markets that are alive with buying and selling and have an easy resale ability for investors that either want to flip land quickly or hold onto it and watch as value appreciates over time. 

If you have any questions about investing in land or finding the right parcel to match your financial goals. Please feel free to contact anytime. . 541.543.8463