Our Story is one of adventure, legacy, and community.
We travel the United States to find the perfect parcels of land, then sell them to those looking for a strong investment. We create opportunities for building the future while honoring the past.  

Our mission is to simplify the land buying process. We provide land investments to people who never thought it would be possible to own property, or get started with investing.

THIS LAND is an online platform providing raw land at an accessible price. We understand that with today's responsibilities, investing has become quite the challenge. This is why we deliver under market value prices along with zero interest payment plans, helping you become a landowner without overextending your finances. You can sell your land at market value right after purchasing it, or save it and watch the wealth accumulate. We believe you deserve to own something of value; to build on, to live on, and to pass along to future generations.

- This land is our legacy.



STep 1: Pick your land

Use our BUY LAND page to locate the perfect parcel. With a vast selection of geographical locations and investment opportunities, this is by far the hardest step.  


Step 2: pick your plan

We provide two paths to becoming a Landowner. You have the option of selecting the Purchase Price which is a one-time payment for the full amount. Or selecting the Finance Price in which you make a down payment, followed by monthly payments with zero interest and no credit checks.


Step 3: Get your deeD

Now for the best part! Becoming a Landowner. Once your chosen parcel of land has been paid in full, we will contact you within 24 hours to complete the purchase, then send you the Warranty Deed within 10 business days. 

We believe that there is a perfect plan and parcel of land for each investor. 
Let us help you to find the best fit for your lifestyle & legacy.